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Research has shown us that whilst a specific type of therapy can be important the most significant factor in whether people find therapy useful is the relationship that they have with their therapist.


I therefore offer a free 30 minute consultation so that you can ask any questions about me and the way I work in order to decide if I am the right therapist for you.


If you would like to arrange this you can do so via the book a session page or by emailing/calling me. 


I am also an experienced lecturer and trainer on developmental trauma as well as mental health and have undertaken attachment based work commissioned by the family courts and the adoption support fund. If you would like more information about this please see the Commissioned work section above.


‘In therapy I see myself

 in the mirror differently’

 R. Williams

Starting therapy is a big decision, it can be confusing to understand the different types of therapy available and to work out which type might be right for you.   


I worked in the NHS for 19 years, firstly as a mental health nurse and then for ten years as a psychotherapist. I have worked in a variety of settings and with both adults, children and teenagers. 


My Msc was in systemic and family psychotherapy and I have a special interest in couple and family therapy as well as working with people on an individual basis. I am experienced in working with people who have been through significant trauma as well as individuals who feel that life isn't working out in quite the way they hoped it would.

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