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Individual Psychotherapy

Whilst some people know exactly what they want to talk about when they start in therapy others know that something isn’t working in their life but they are unsure why. As an experienced psychotherapist I am able to work both with those who know what they would like to think about in therapy as well as those that are unsure where to start. 


As an experienced psychotherapist I am able to work with people for both short and long term therapy either from my office or online via Zoom or Skype.


I am experienced in working with individuals who have a variety of difficulties, such as self harm, trauma and abuse, issues around sex and sexuality as well as those struggling in their relationships or generally feeling stressed or dissatisfied with the way that life is working out for them.


Individual sessions are 50 minutes long and the frequency of sessions will be agreed together, usually sessions will be weekly or fortnightly at the beginning of therapy.


Couple and Family Psychotherapy

I have an Msc in systemic psychotherapy, this type of psychotherapy is also known as family or couple psychotherapy.

As a systemic psychotherapist I am used to working with more than one person in the room with the aim of helping a couple or family to understand one another better. Systemic psychotherapy enables family members to express and explore difficult thoughts and feelings safely, in order to understand each other's experiences and views. This then enables me to help the family use their strengths and understanding of each other to make useful changes in their relationships.


Couples and families come to therapy for all sorts of reasons, but most commonly I see people who might be trying to understand and cope with challenges such as mental health or physical illness, addictions, parenting, divorce or infidelity. However family or couple therapy can be a useful place to discuss any difficulty you would like help to explore safely. 


Couple and family sessions are generally held every 2 -3 weeks, some sessions will involve the whole family but other sessions might just have one or two members present. I can see couples and small families in my office but sessions with larger families can be held in your home. You can find more information about family therapy here :





I am an experienced trainer and lecturer on a range of subjects, I have taught on the Psychology Doctoral programmes at both the UEA and the University of Essex and lecture on an intermediate training programme for systemic practitioners.


I have also developed a comprehensive training programme on developmental trauma and therapeutic parenting for fostered and adopted children when I worked in Corporate Parenting for a local authority. I have also created and delivered training with Barnardo's for adoptive parents as well as training on Infant Attachment and Brain Development for fostering agencies. 

I regularly deliver teaching on the following subjects - recognising and supporting people with mental health difficulties, assessing and working with complex developmental trauma, attachment strategies and information processing in children and adults, adolescent brain development and risk taking as well as working with self harm.  If you are interested in commissioning me to develop and deliver training for your organisation please do get in touch to discuss further. 



I have supervised groups of staff working in the third sector as well professionals working in mental health, social care and education. If you would like to discuss regular or one off clinical supervision please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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